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    We are seasoned software engineers with experience in consumer and enterprise products. We operate in both San Francisco and New York City, and have worked with companies that range from 5 employees to over 5000.
    Our consulting services include product management and development, system architecture design, technical writing and software testing/auditing.

    Mantas Vidutis

    Located in SF, Mantas is a veteran of Wakemate and Getaround. He is experienced in consumer products, collaborative consumption and quantified self. Mantas is an expert in Python, Clojure and Go.

    Cole Brown

    Located in Brooklyn, Cole made his mark at Factset and Codecademy. He is experienced in education, finance, and music. Cole is an expert in Ruby, Javascript, Haskell and Go.

    Matt Mitchell

    Chicago Correspondent
    Located in Chicago, Matt built much of the software and the teams at Backstop Solutions Group before trying his hand at social gifting startup CheckedTwice. He is experienced in finance, real estate, marketing, and key metric identification. Matt is an expert at Java, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, Puppet, and PHP.

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    Meet face to face anyplace.
    San Francisco, CA

    Visual communications solution that brings people together & helps organizations stay better connected
    Shifting how people buy and sell cars
    San Francisco, CA

    Take the hassle out of selling your car.
    Reinventing the way people discover the world around them.
    San Francisco, CA

    There's a whole wide world out there, full of things to do and amazing places to explore. Yet people so often do the same things over and over. We're on a mission to put the city's most memorable experiences at your fingertips. Because life's too short to be bored.
    A love button for the Internet
    San Francisco, CA

    Want to appreciate someone or something? Mention @changetip and an amount to share the love with people you admire.

    It's that simple.

    Online Spanish Tutoring
    San Francisco, CA

    The best private tutors from around the world brought to you for $15 a lesson.
    Software Defined Storage
    San Francisco, CA

    Enterprises, meet unlimited scalability.
    Your Hookup to the Creative World
    Brooklyn, New York

    Gain access to music and perks from your favorite artists and record labels.
    Automatic Post-Credits Alerts
    San Francisco, CA

    Monitors your foursquare check-ins and warns you when the movie you have checked in to has something after the credits. Uses aftercredits.com. All development and deployment managed by Turbines. 

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